Ahmed Al-Sudani


A tool that lets you watch html5 videos synchronously with other people … without having to tell them to play and pause and such. sync-video is a script that keeps the state of a video synced between 2 or more browsers. It uses Firebase as the backend, and it relies on jQuery for no good reason. (because I was too lazy, and I’m too lazy now to make the little changes that would make jQuery unnecessary).


An API that exports a list of courses as an iCal calendar. “Export” is a lie. You have to enter your courses manually, but it creates the calendar for you which you can then import into iCal or Google Calendar or Outlook. I wrote this so I could add classes that I audit to my schedule because there was no way to do that using Quest (our enrollment system). It has the added advantage of being able to look at my courses on Google Calendar so when I add events, I can see how they fit into my schedule.

Backspace Fix

Chrome Tampermonkey extension that prevents pressing backspace from taking you back to the previous page. A tampermonkey script that should stop backspace from taking you back to the previous page. So far, it has not broken any web page that I have come across. See this question on ux exchange if you want to find out who’s to blame. Pssst. Try pressing backspace on this page… without clicking on the Twitter iframe.