A tool that lets you watch html5 videos synchronously with other people … without having to tell them to play and pause and such.

sync-video is a script that keeps the state of a video synced between 2 or more browsers.

It uses Firebase as the backend, and it relies on jQuery for no good reason. (because I was too lazy, and I’m too lazy now to make the little changes that would make jQuery unnecessary).

I do not plan on putting any more work into the current incarnation as I would like to do an entire rewrite in either Elm or Om


  • It doesn’t check that it has been initialized. It assumes that after a while, it will be.
  • Pretty much useless on mobile but that’s not my fault.
  • If you seek to the same point two times in a row, the other person will not detect it That’s because we’re submitting the same value to Firebase, and that does not work with the way it was designed. This is the low-hanging fruit that should be fixed next time I work on it.


(send a friend a link to this page and try playing and pausing and seeking)